Trailblaze Challenge for Make A Wish!

Trailblaze Challenge for Make A Wish!

A couple years ago we had the honor of being a part of a brand new project through the Make a Wish of South Carolina¬†called the Trailblaze Challenge. It’s a hike but not just any hike. This hike is 28.3 miles on the Foothills Trail in one day which is a challenge in and of itself. The second challenge was to raise money for Make a Wish Foundation.

Alex jumped in and was so excited to be a part of it. He went to most of the training hikes and was able to raise a good bit of money for the foundation. Right before their inaugural hike in 2015, he was approached by the foundation and was asked to photograph and video the hike. Even though he wanted to join his new found friends and hike the entire day, he knew this was a great opportunity to help Make a Wish of SC really tell the story visually.

So the morning of the hike, Alex and I jumped in the car with all our photography gear and headed up the mountain to the drop off spot. We got all set up and believe me it was “pitch black” setting up all that equipment. As soon as we had everything ready, the buses pulled in and all the hikers and volunteers jumped out, lined up, and the camera flash went off brightening up the entire area and capturing that very first moment of excitement. It really was an awesome moment!

The day was exhausting, running in and out of the woods capturing the emotion from the hikers as they reached each point however it was worth it all when they started reaching the last mile. The volunteers had hung pictures of the “Make a Wish” children on a tree as a motivator for them to finish what they had started. We saw tears of joy and excitement as each hiker crossed over the finish line.

The Trailblaze Challenge truly is an amazing event that challenges each person physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each year since that inaugural hike, the foundation has hosted three hikes (two in the Spring and one in the Fall). They have raised numerous amounts of money for those children at Make a Wish and have helped to make those wishes come true.

Home Sessions are the Way to Go!

Home Sessions are the Way to Go!

Home sessions have become a huge part of our service these days. To me, it’s just another great way for our clients to showcase their personality and tell their unique story in a portrait. We highly encourage these types of session in a big way however when we suggest doing a home session the first thing a mom says is, “my house is just not nice enough!” We totally disagree! Every home is “nice” enough. Your home speaks about who you are. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to pull items that are special to you together in order for you to see just how “nice” your house is.

Here’s an example of a session that we captured last month in Winston-Salem, NC. Mom called me last year wanting us to capture a special portrait of her children yet her baby was not quite old enough. So we decided to wait until this year. We planned to travel to her home instead of her coming here. This made for the perfect portrait session of her children. They were comfortable in their own environment and no one was tired due to traveling a long distance.

Mom had those same concerns about her house. We told her to leave it up to us and we found this corner in her home next to beautiful lighting that was perfect for the session. We ran around the house looking for flowers, the right chair, and color tones that worked together. Plus, we were able to bring along some of our pieces that we’ve used in the past (our wooden panel and trunk). It was like we photographed them in our studio. Each child had their own unique personality and we were able to showcase each one during the session. Mom was amazed and so very happy with the results!

There are so many advantages to having us come out to your home/location for a session:

  • We are coming to you so no dragging your tired children out of the house and driving across town for a session.
  • We can see your style and suggest clothing that will pull everything together.
  • We can capture your portrait that would be “just right” for the walls you want to hang them on. For example: if the wall space needs a vertical image then we would capture and pose your children so that the portrait would go vertical and we can suggest the right size.
  • Most of the work is done prior/during the session so that when you look at the results, you can enjoy choosing the right image instead of trying to figure out where to hang the portrait.

So if you’re thinking about creating a classic portrait of your children, consider creating that art piece in your home. You’ll be thrilled that you said, “yes”!