Yes, we do call our camera room a “no parent zone”! This is where all the “magic” happens!

I remember as a child, my mom would drop me off at my Grandmother’s house for the day and when she would return I would start pitching a fit. My grandmother would say, “she hasn’t acted this way all day! She’s been a perfect angel!” Now that I’m a mom myself, I hear these phrases all the time. It can be frustrating however it’s a proven fact that most children behave better when separated from their parents. We’ve seen it time and time again whether here at the studio or even with our personal experiences with our children.

That’s why during a child’s session, we encourage this separation. Alex and I work side by side in the camera room. While Alex sits behind the camera capturing the moments, I’m sitting with the child making the experience fun and keeping their attention on what’s happening during the session and; not on Mommy or Daddy.  We start to see:

  • the child’s real personality whether they are shy or outgoing; that’s what makes a timeless portrait so unique
  • he/she is more focused on us instead of Mommy/Daddy
  • we gain their trust (at least for a moment)
  • they build confidence within themselves and that helps to draw out their personality

98% of the time we are successful in separating however in those instances where a child won’t separate, we don’t force the situation. We want their portrait experience to be fun! So when we’ve determined that it’s not going to happen, we bring mom into the camera room. She’s only there so that the child can see her and is confident enough to move on with the session. After every session (almost always) children are eager to head back to the camera room because they are so comfortable. That lets us know that we’ve done our job and have created an environment that children love!!!

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