Every family is unique and has a special story to tell. We always say that having a portrait taken shouldn’t be just some random thing to do, there should be a reason why you’re having a portrait taken. For example, a big milestone age for your children, a special event with your family, or even better capturing a special bond between particular family members (very emotional).

It’s so important to us to help you select what is best for your family and to create the proper backdrop so that we can capture your family’s story. Building relationships with our portrait family is key to capturing emotionally driven wall portraits that you will invest in. It’s more than a picture to us; it’s your legacy.

What style of portrait will fit your family the best?


Formal doesn’t mean old and stuffy; it means you would prefer to dress similar to going to church. We typically suggest capturing these families in the studio or inside their homes (in a formal location). That showcases their personalities best. We might even suggest adding a musical instrument or a formal chair as an accent. Formality will determine clothing. You want to select clothing that is complimentary in tones; does not have to match. Select two to three different tones and compliment each other. For example: choose black and white with a hint of red to add a burst of color. Solid tones are always best because you want your eye drawn to the faces instead of the clothing.

Most families are more casual rather than formal these days. They typically want to be captured outdoors. We offer a variety of choices when it comes to a location that includes our garden location, the beach, or even on their properties. For example a few years back we photographed a family on their horse farm. We even pulled a couple of horses in the background to add a bit of interest. It showcased that family’s personality. Clothing also sets the tone for these sessions.

Simplicity is key, and it all depends on the time of year and backdrop. If photographing at the beach, we suggest solid, pastel tones such as white and khaki. These same color tones also work when photographing a family in the spring or summer. Now when the season changes to Fall, we suggest solid, earth tones so that the clothing blends in with the background. Again, you do not have to “match” clothing. We recommend complementing, so everyone blends nicely.


Black and White

A very popular family session is our Relationship Sessions. These are captured only in black and white. Our relationship sessions are more emotionally driven such a mother hugging a child but is more in the shadows of the portrait so you’re eyes are drawn to the mother’s arms wrapped around the child. One or two subjects may be more prominent however it takes the entire family to tell the story in the portrait. Clothing is very important to achieve the right look for our relationship portraits: a crisp black and white shirt and either black or dark jean pants. No jewelry or large hair bows; we want to see faces and expressions only.

We are here every step of the way with you to make your experience fun, easy, and memorable! We believe that a portrait is more that pushing a button on a camera; it’s building relationships!

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