We are parents ourselves so we know just how important it is to capture special moments in the lives of our children. It’s just as important to walk step by step with you to create wall portraits of your children that tell a story about who they are; their story. Let us create these memories for you.

Here’s the Phil Hyman Photography experience

Planning is highly suggested.

If you have never been to us before or are doing something totally different than in the past, we ask that you come in for a planning session. During our planning session, we discuss important details such as who will be in the session, about their unique personality, location (in our studio, outside, at your home, etc), style (classic or casual), appropriate clothing, pricing, and how you will display your portraits. We’ll also discuss what happens during the portrait session and any particular pose likes and dislikes. We show samples of all of these so that there are no uncertainties on the day of your portrait session. Finally, we will discuss what happens after the session.

We only photograph small children in the mornings because they are fresh and new. Their little personalities change in the late evening because they are tired and that usually comes out as cranky or grumpy (not best for a portrait session). Lighting is also softer and more pleasant in the morning hours.

Morning is always best!

Separation is Key!

We do try to separate children from parents when photographing. Throughout the years, we have found that children become confident and more secure in themselves when separated from mom and dad. Their personalities appear and that’s when all the magic happens.

When you come in for your portrait session, we will never be in a hurry especially if a small child is involved. We want the session to be entirely fun and relaxing for them. We highly suggest that you dress small children in the studio so that there are no wrinkles in the outfit. We always schedule custom sessions 1 hour apart so that no one feels rushed. Now, that doesn’t mean we will be in the camera room the entire hour however this gives us sufficient time to build trust with your child and capture their sweet personalities. Most of the time, children don’t want to leave the studio because they’ve had so much fun!After the session, we will schedule an appointment for you to come back to view and select the images from the session.

No Rushing on the Day of Session

Selection Appointment

When you arrive at the studio for your selection appointment, you will be making your final decision, so we ask that all decision-makers be present during this time. You will be viewing your images on a large screen, and we strive to make the selection process very easy. With our help, you will choose the best portrait images and display options for your home. We can show you exact scale and size on our walls, but if for any reason you become unsure about size, we will be happy to measure your walls. Every home is different, and wall space comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We want to help you choose the perfect display size for your home.

We are here every step of the way with you to make your experience fun, easy, and memorable! We believe that a portrait is more than pushing a button on a camera; it’s building relationships!

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