Are you looking for a fun and casual session of your family or children this summer? Are you new to Phil Hyman Photography? Have you been a  part of our Portrait Family for several years? Well, our Quick-Take Session called, “Down by the River” is perfect for you!

We are heading down in the “Heart of Downtown Greenville” for these 15-minute sessions and they are sure to be some of your favorites. Here’s a peek into the session that we photographed of our children. It was quick, simple and so much fun! Our daughter fussed when it was time for us to leave because she didn’t want to get out of the water. She’s our little fish, by the way!

So what should we dress our kids in?

  • This is a casual session so fun, bright, summer colors work great!
  • Some patterns are fine but keep them simple and not over powering! We want to see your child’s face and not their outfit.
  • Barefoot is perfect. They will be dipping their toes in the water so we want to see those feet!
  • If you use a bow, make sure it’s size appropriate. Again, we want to see your child’s face and not a bow.
  • Shorts and polos are great for boys.

We are offering these quick-take sessions for only two days on July 17th and 18th every 15 minutes. Our packages only start at $79.00 which is a fraction of our normal custom sessions. Call us today to reserve your time for our “Down by the River” sessions; they won’t last long! 864-235-7864

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