We had the honor of photographing an amazing event last week at the gorgeous venue called the Loom for the Tajh Boyd Foundation Gala. It was such a fun night of meeting like-minded and passionate people, hearing stories, laughing at jokes, but most of all raising money for a great organization that is changing the lives of so many children in the Upstate. Many familiar faces attended including Delvin Choice and CJ Spiller.

We were so inspired by this young man and his love for children. You can see the passion in Tajh Boyd’s eyes as he spoke about what his Foundation was about and how it’s mission is to empower the youth of SC to overcome adversity through education, mentoring, and character building.

What really struck me about Tajh Boyd was when he spoke about why he ended up choosing Clemson University over all the other schools for college. He told us that he knew he could go to any of the schools and they would help him to be a better football player but as soon as he met and spoke Dabo Swinney, he knew that this coach would help him become a better man in life. He said that’s what he wants to see happen to the children he is honored to mentor. He wants to help them to discover what they want to be in life (whatever career they choose) but better yet help them to discover who they are (character) and how they can make a difference in their communities.

Even though this was a night of fundraising, Tajh made sure to speak with everyone that attended especially taking the time to chat with all the children that were there, giving them a few pointers on football. He has a heart of gold and I know great things will happen with him and his Foundation! It really was an honor to be a part of such a special night.



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