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“We make Treasured Memories
one Family at a time.”

Our Story

I am a husband, a father of four children, and a grandfather to nine wonderful grandchildren. I love to get my family together throughout the year for cookouts and fun family times. I enjoy traveling across the country and seeing and photographing many of our country’s most spectacular views! I started our business over 30 years ago and it has been my passion to capture timeless portraits of children and families. I have been blessed to get the opportunity watch so many families get married, have children, and even grandchildren. Phil Hyman Portraiture is my dream turned into reality and I love every part of what I do.
Many of our clients have watched us go from dating, getting engaged, and now married. We got married in 2000 and have loved every minute of our life together. In 2008, God blessed us with a baby boy. We have learned so much from our son. He is full of energy and so curious about everything in life. Two and half years later, our baby girl came along and now we are learning everyday just how different she is compared to her brother. We just love being together as a family and exploring life every chance we get. Alex grew up in our business learning and photographing alongside his dad. He thoroughly enjoys capturing special moments in the lives of our clients. Its so much fun to interact with our clients and help them create artwork of their children and family that they have envisioned. We are so blessed to meet many families and have them become part of our Phil Hyman Family.
Growing up, Phil can only recall having just 2 photographs of himself, meaning there was not much childhood history for him to pass down to his family. He knows how crucial it is to build a Portrait Legacy for your family because it is the only visual record you will ever have.

Alex and Becky are in the midst of experiencing how much their children are changing daily. It’s amazing to both of them that their son Phillip’s biggest change (in looks, speech, and ability to get around) was between the ages of 1 and 3. His development was huge! How thankful they are for the Portrait Legacy that makes those milestones something they can treasure every day.

Phil Hyman

Alex & Becky

Treasured Memories

We dearly love capturing timeless images like this for you

Rays of Light

We love to explore the beauty of God’s creation


It is the Relationships in families that matter most
and capturing them is our speciality

It’s All About You

We are a family owned and operated portrait studio so we know just how precious family memories are. Everyone is unique and special. Whether you desire portraits of yourself, certain family members or an entire family group our goal is the same: to capture the true personality and spirit of each person we photograph. When you choose **Phil Hyman Studio**, we don’t just want to take a picture, we want to create a treasured memory.

Planning Session

That is why we ask that you come in for a planning session. During our planning session, we discuss important details such as who will be in the session *(one child or the entire family),* location *(in our studio, outside, at your home, etc)*, style *(classic or casual),* appropriate clothing, family dynamics, pricing, and how you will display your portraits. We’ll also discuss what happens during the portrait session and any particular pose likes and dislikes. We show samples of all of these so that there are no uncertainties on the day of your portrait session. Finally, we will discuss what happens after the session.

How Does a Portrait Session Work?
When you come in for your portrait session, we will never be in a hurry especially if a small child is involved. We want the session to be entirely fun and relaxing for everyone. When you arrive to the studio for your selection appointment, you will be making your final decision so we ask that all decision-makers be present during this time. You will be viewing your images on a large screen and we strive to make the selection process very easy. With our help, you will choose the best portrait images and display options for your home. We can show you exact scale and size on our walls but if for any reason you become unsure about size, we will be happy to come measure your walls. Every home is different and wall space comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We want to help you choose the perfect display size for your home.
How Will I Get My Portraits?

Once your portraits are complete, we will call to schedule a pickup appointment or we can arrange for one of us to deliver to your home. If you choose to pick up or your portraits, we will go over your order to make sure it is complete and correct, then we will help place your portraits in your vehicle to ensure security.

As you can tell, we are not your typical photography studio! We want to be there for you every step of the way to make sure that the portraits you envisioned come to life!

What's the Turn Around Time?
But so worth it! If you are a new client we want to take it slow because the first impression will set the tone for the rest of our relationship. We are planners that is why the planning session is so important. We need to meet so we can know your vision and exactly what you want, help you achieve that outcome, and provide you with a wall portrait which will be increasingly treasured year after year. Contact us today to begin your Portrait Journey!

In Their Own Words

Thank you so much for the slide-show! Viewing it brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. I realize now why it took us so long to make a decision on my picture. All the pictures were great. My portrait is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love it! It has transformed my living room and now it looks and feels like a home. This will be an heirloom my family will treasure forever. Thank you both so much for making this a wonderful experience for all of us. You have meet and exceeded all of my expectations.

Melissa Carver

Tradd and I received exceptional treatment over at Phil Hyman studios and we will cherish this experience and our portraits for a lifetime. These experiences and memories are exactly what we strive to accomplish in my business. Well done Phil, Alex, Becky and the rest of the team over there. Stacy Coulter

The pictures captured of our four children are our fine art collection from Phil Hyman Photography. We love the expressions that were captured to remember each child’s different personalities for years to come! All of the Hymans work together like a fine-tuned instrument to make each photo session a wonderful experience for each child. Thank you! Scott and Marci Cairns

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